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We create application solutions based on client requirements and each development would be unique to suit the needs and necessities of that Client. MiCSS has vision of enhancing the role of systems for increasing efficiency and accuracy of service delivery. MiCSS has successfully completed various client projects developments and is also engaged in conducting the training for enlightening the users in knowing how to use their existing or new systems effectively. MiCSS have team of experienced developers who are constantly engaged in developments of software, websites, applications and creating multimedia presentation.

Role of computers has grown in business management. People use software and applications in monitoring their business activities. Real-time monitoring of business activities is not possible without software, applications and continuous connectivity. We assist our clients in setting up the software and application support to help grow their business find to true potential and increasing productivity of resources implemented in business. When we on-board a client for any solution requirement we go through in detail timelines for delivering him the outputs, our main focus always centered on meeting these timelines. We have our highly skilled and experienced group of developers working on specific client projects, we always give solutions which is best suited for a client and is unique to his requirements. Below are the steps which we generally observe while on-boarding a client: Step 1: Development needs Step 2: Analysis of business situation Step 3: Sharing development specifications Step 5: Draft layout discussion with client Step 6: Implementing developments code Step 6: Testing the output Step 7: Implementing the changes Step 8: Quality assurance checks Step 9: Delivering final product After delivering the above client customized products we do undertake sessions with end users to train them on how to use the systems effectively.

We create website based on the client need and requirement features. MiCSS has an experienced team of developers who having knowledge of advance technology. We deliver best services at affordable rates this gives us edge over our competitors. Advantages of having a website: >> Gives you a global platform to market your products and services. >> Helps in building customer confidence. >> It saves money and timing spent on marketing. >> 24/7 Accessibility and immediate response. >> Keep you connected with customers and suppliers.

We suggest our client the database engine services to manage huge amount of data. Our databse tables and queries structure depends on the client criteria of data loading and quering. In table to make data accuracy we provide some of the fields validations. The database designing cost depends of number of tables with related validation and queries.for more detail contact us...

Multimedia presentations and Flash technology is modern style of communication. MiCSS has been developing attractive motion graphics and using the Flash technology for creating websites and corporate presentations. MiCSS is one of the best in this industry and delivers the quality of services which is largely appreciated by its clients and the end user groups. Multimedia presentations provide you with a form of communication that separates you from your competitors. It is one of the most dynamic and sophisticated tool, making its impact on every form of digital communications. Interactive Multimedia Presentation is ideal medium for presenting information in a user-friendly, informative and engaging way. Interactive media brings an entire new life to companies. The use of interactivity, Motion Graphics, Video, and Flash is a nice way to expand company image. Multimedia presentation is a very good theme to promote business. As multimedia design gives your client a much better and an enhanced view about the working of an organization as well as it portrays the products and the profile of the company dynamically. Multimedia Presentation Services we provide are: >> Visual Graphic-Presentation >> Interactive Presentation >> Online-Presentation >> Demo-Software >> Teaching-Tools >> Video-Learning >> Multimedia Guide

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